Digiloom Starter Kit Review

Buy the DigiLoom Machine from AmazonWhile there are many neat toys at the last Toy Fair, there were some that really stood out from the crowd so we want to present our Digiloom Starter Kit review – perhaps that’s because we could see our own kids playing with it as this is their type of thing. Either way, today, we are here to tell you what we have learned about the WowWee Digiloom Starter Kit.

An Introduction to WowWee

Before we go into details of the Digiloom Starter Kit review, we believe it would be a good idea to first introduce you to the company – WowWee. This is a privately owned company that is based on Hong Kong. They are well-known for focusing on “breakthrough consumer technologies”.

You may know them for making the interactive balancing robot MiP or their biomorphic robot RoboSapien. They are a leading designer, marketer, developer and distributor of high-tech consumer entertainment products. This company has offices in Montreal, Hong Kong and San Diego.

An Introduction to the Wowwee Digiloom Starter Kit

The WowWee Digiloom Machine is the type of machine your little girl will be asking for as soon as she sees it available on the shelf. This machine will help your little one create accessories, like bracelets, they can wear or give to their friends.

Companion App

The Wowwee Digiloom machine comes with a companion app that will help you design your own headband, bracelet or whatever else you choose to weave using the digiloom machine. See at the end of this review for the links.

Friendship Bracelets

Think about it – back when you were a kid, did you like making friendship bracelets? Perhaps you were given your own friendship bracelet that was handcrafted by your best friend? Friendship bracelets are given to prove that two people will be “BFF’s 4-ever.” Of course, in the past, friendship bracelets took a bit of time to make because we didn’t have machines available – machines, like the WowWee Digiloom that would do it for us.

Friendship bracelets are something that have been appearing on the wrists of people of all walks of life, both young and old – think about it …it’s nothing new. So a machine like the Digiloom would definitely be desired.


Not only will the Digiloom kit help you make a friendship bracelet, it will also help make headbands that you and your friends can wear in your hair.

Digiloom Starter Kit Review Conclusion

Making a friendship bracelet is a good project for a person of any age and there are so many different patterns that are available – the companion app that is available with the Digiloom machine has a variety of different patterns to choose from. There is a design available that is suitable for any skill level.

Our favorite feature of the Digiloom would be the one that helps you make unique friendship bracelets. Not only are friendship bracelets beautiful and interesting, to the person who made it and for the friend who wears it, they carry a special meaning.

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